Back up for a minute.

I wonder when I stopped posting on a regular basis? Oh right… almost a year ago, haha.

Nothing in mind to post about, so shall be one of them recollection posts.

First things first (The Chocolate Starfish is my man Fred Durst): Kaskade at Zouk last Friday. Verdict for the whole affair? Totally worth it.

Favourite song ^.

After much cajoling by Ken, I decided to go for the event. Thankfully he was driving so I just strolled on home to change and all that. I actually just put on a shirt over a tee and wore my old, worn work loafers. Reasoning being that (1) a jacket wouldn’t make much sense in a cramped, crowded atmosphere and (2) my shoes would definitely be stepped on.

And lo! For a man who’s never stepped into a club for a myriad of reasons and prejudices, it was actually a sound decision, haha.

The drive over wasn’t particularly noteworthy, aside from your usual banter and my hand getting sticky—from an apple, don’t you get strange ideas.The parking, however, was amusing. We ended up missing our turn along Zion Rd and crossing the bridge over to Great World City. Shrugging it off we just parked it there, our reasoning being that we had to walk to Zouk to earn Kaskade’s performance. We’re awesome like that. SO THE REST OF YOU PEOPLE DIDN’T DESERVE IT.

Initial impressions upon reaching the venue were of abject terror: all these people. This was quickly replaced by incredulity over Zouk’s proximity to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Imagine staying there, looking out your window on a weekend night and seeing this throng of young people milling about down below. Must be like seeing the damn walking apocalypse! Unless its a tourist who actually wants to be near a nightclub, then hey, all the more power to him/her.

Queue was surprisingly short. I had cooked up this mental picture of a queue rivalling Hello Kitty at McDonalds/iPhone 4s launch/H&M opening in terms of length. Other than idly observing the crowd, commenting about the second-hand smoke and other items of interest, we soon enough passed the ID-check crew (I look different, I know, but is that a good or bad thing? D:) and to the ticketing counter.

I expected the bag storage to be larger. Sure there were quite a number of pigeon-holes but it was half-full of handbags and the night was just getting started. Sure enough, they ran out of space later on in the night. I also took notice of the circuit-board, exits and other things in event of an emergency, a habit I’ve practised since young. Whether this information comes in handy during an actual emergency I have absolutely no idea, heh.

Got my arm stamped (it’s just like a theme park, but for inebriated and horny adults!), walked through the corrdior (it’s just like the Science Center, but for… yeah you get the idea) and into Zouk itself.

I was… whelmed. Expected it be a tad bigger, especially the size of the dance floor. Later investigation of Phuture and Velvet enlightened me about the whole size thing.

We were the first to arrive and so made our way round the place, checking out the bars, toilet locations and the ladies. After finding a place to nest, first thing either of us did was check where the hell Kaskade was. He was supposed to have started already. Much to my surprise, turns out there’s very little information about it. There’s an event on Facebook and a post on Zouk’s page. That was it. I honestly thought there’d be more online chatter about it!

It turns out, of course, that he would only turn up after the scheduled time. Smart play. Get the people to come early, stick around to buy overpriced drinks waiting for him to arrive and then get them to stay longer once he turns up. This might be common knowledge already but not like there’s a primer to Singapore Nightclubs out there.

Oh well. Went to the bar to get some drinks, like a n00b I must add, but mission success. House-pour vodka for me (gone in ten seconds) and some Sprite for le’ designated driver, despite my continued efforts throughout the night to get enough alcohol into his system to make the drive home more interesting.

Blah blah blah. Daryl, Veron and the rest arrived afterwards and things got started. At a great time too, as Kaskade started spinning shortly after. The whole experience would have been far less positive if not for the group, though we did split into smaller bands. I chanced upon one of my NS friends too.

Fogging machine. Lights. Loud music. The press of bodies. By the gods, the amount of people squeezing into a space meant for less. I wasn’t sure if I had somehow teleported and ended up in a mosh-pit. It sure as hell wasn’t a dance floor because there wasn’t room for any for the first hour! Then there’s the pushing and squeezing past. Men or women had no distinction (not yet anyway) and me being me, my first thought was: ah, so this is what it feels like to be in a stampede.

I had a hard time enjoying the music at first but it definitely was a different experience. I wore ear plugs after some time because I cared more for hearing preservation and here’s the funny thing: it sounds better when you wear them, rather than just a wall of noise assailing your eardrums that it no longer is able to differentiate anything other than… noise.

Would I go back to a club? No. Unless there’s guaranteed to be good music, people I know and really, a reason for me to go there, it’s not something I’ll decide to do on a whim. There are times where clubs are a great sort of place to be, but ultimately I’m the sort of man who prefers a quieter, more intimate time.


Spent my Saturday afternoon and evening out with Vivien. Went to finally watch Puss In Boots, which turned out fairly disappointing. To be fair I wasn’t really expecting anything and the production value of the movie itself is great, as you’d expect. The story didn’t work for me, though. Last animated film I enjoyed was Rapunzel.

Serangoon nex is still a horrible mall, a fine example of a bad layout. Some malls you can simply walk around in, but others, like this one, you just want to get out of.

Dinner was had at Ichiban Sushi over at Toa Payoh. It’s strange how I always leave the place feeling way too full. The first time I was there I had a pumpkin croquette side as an appetizer, so perhaps that played a big part. This time round I had a drink with calpis and ice cream in it, which, again, arrived before the main course. So I was basically struggling to finish the last few morsels of food.

And hey, for that kind of price, it’s not bad. It always makes me sad whenever I think of bad Japanese food, my mind automatically thinks of that place I went with Amanda and Justus. All of us hated it. Wasn’t even filling and the price, good lawd. I still suspect it caters towards sushi and sashimi but even then I have my reservations.

We still need to go to Yumeya. Been in the planning for months, haha.


Sunday saw me woking up at 3PM. I kid you not. My body is accustomed to spending Sundays catching up on sleep and I always find myself waking up past noon. Which is bad because I still have my McDonalds breakfast craving.

Speaking of cravings, I have one for pizza for the longest time but all the ones I’ve had in the past cannot possibly soothe it. I want good pizza. I want pizza that’ll blow my mind away. As far as I can tell, there’s none in Singapore that’s up to the task. WOE IS ME. Also: vodka and rum. By vodka I mean straight-up vodka, none of that mixed nonsense. You gotta drink it like a goddamn, winter-braving Russian. Chug it like water at a water parade, son.

I digress. Sunday I spent my time cleaning up a portion of my room, notably my computer and home theatre desks. I didn’t even have time to clean up the drawers. All those wires, all the dust trapped in it. As if I didn’t have enough wires for my computer. When I saw how many there were for a 5.1 system…

On the bright side, I packed away my dead Playstation 3 (manly tears…) and hooked up my PC’s audio to my 5.1 sound system. Promptly threw out my cheap 2.1 PC speakers. How do people live without headphones?!

Unfortunately the HDMI cable from my TV is too short and I have no intention of shifting my PC to the HT desk for fear of the speakers doing weird things to my PC internals. Had to order one, hopefully the length would be enough—they’re always slightly different from what’s specified—and I can soon enjoy Skyrim or some other game on my TV.

I really want a new PS3 for certain games but realistically speaking that’ll have to wait for a while.

My phone will finally arrive this Friday. How long has it been already?

And wow, that’s it. Christmas and after that, 2011 will draw to a close. Hmm.

So there you go. Such a lengthy post. With no pictures too!

2 thoughts on “Back up for a minute.

  1. I like how you spent Friday and Saturday!

    Actually is there any good Japanese food in SG at all?
    I tried the popular ramen place at Ngee Ann City and it was just 6/10.

    • Why not Sunday? Ahaha.

      You know I actually find that a tough question to answer now. Problem being I know what I like and it’s pretty easy for me to like food if it’s Japanese (unless they screw it bad like that day.)

      The one ramen place I went to previously has closed. I can only think of the one at Parco Marina Bay now. I believe you’ve already tried the places at Liang Court. Think I’ll have to get back to you on this one. D:

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