I commend your courage

…but I will show you no mercy!

Oh dearie me.

I chanced upon this amazing cosplay of Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX and has it MADE MY DAY, haha!

Let me begin by saying I’m a huge fanboy of Beatrix. FFIX is the last title I’ve truly enjoyed from Final Fantasy. X was alright and we all know how it goes from there. Honestly, simply talking about it makes me want to play it again. I love it that much!

As for Beatrix? Well… I dunno. The moment she gave me and my party a smackdown with her Climhazzard and left us crawling in the dirt with 1 hit point left, I was pretty much in her grasp, hahaha. Then there’s her hair. There was just something about it. I’ve always been more of a curves person so yes, the design worked great (and no Kuja doesn’t count, it’s a male). A Knight too? I’m sold!

“Beatrix is fought as a boss three times during the course of Final Fantasy IX. Despite the regular difficulty of the fights, it is not possible to defeat her because the fights end automatically when she uses an attack that reduces the party’s HP to 1, and it is scripted for the battle to be lost”

All bias aside, the costume here really is nice. And yes, her hair! And a decent-looking Save The Queen! Kill me now.

Her deviantART id is Rose0fMay (click on the photo to visit it), which is itself a reference to Beatrix’s theme, which I can hum to you right now because it’s one of my favourite tracks too (with the likes of You’re Not Alone and so much more). I’m certain it’s intentional. In any case, awesome!

Oh yes, You’re Not Alone, here’s an orchestral performance. Nobuo Uematsu you genius.

…*goes find a PSX emulator*


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