It’s a tragic day when the next Final Fantasy installment, namely FFXIII-2, has released and I didn’t even know about it. It’s even worse when I don’t really care.

I’d be happy if they made them like the earlier versions, particularly IX.
It’s be good if it was something like X.
Hell, it’ll be perfectly fine if it played like X-2 or even XII.

But XIII? There is a very good reason why there is such a backlash against XIII. From what I’ve read up the past few months, they’ve changed some things but it’s still not Final Fantasy. When you think of that name, that brand, fans instantly know what to expect.

Sigh. If they wanted to keep the graphical fidelity and all that pretty things, with the new musical style and all, make it like X-2. That’s what I honestly think. At least I finished that game and quite enjoyed it, despite lots of cringing. XIII? Hell I don’t even know how it ends to this day.


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