How the days fly.

Jeremy Soule is one of my favourite composers and not just because of The Elder Scrolls. He’s done other work, for video games as well, and this beautiful peace for Guild Wars is a fine example.

I’ve vomited lots of text past few entries, time to mix things up with some photos.

From HTC Magic to HTC Evo 3D. Evolution!

My phone arrived last Friday, much to the amazement of friends. It’s certainly larger than my Magic and I can’t be bothered doing comparison photos by simply placing them on a table. (I really need to get my “hobby desk” from IKEA soon.)

Performance-wise there’s a huge difference of course. My Magic has been getting slow this past year and the battery was beginning to become atrocious. Coupled with the fact that it’s stuck in Android 1.5 with no further updates — due to hardware restraints — and really,  it was becoming a pain to use.

Hello dual-core processors, far more RAM and Android 2.3! There’ll be a more in-depth post regarding my new mobile sometime in the future. If I ever feel like doing it, heh.

Fire me up.

There’s this new restaurant at Central @ Clake Quay that focuses on BBQ.

It has been quite a while since I’ve cooked food over a fire so I was looking forward to this.Turns out surprisingly cheap too.

Beef banzai! Don't stare for too long, it'll get awkward.

Look at that yummy beef.

Unfortunately that’s all the cooking you’ll be getting. It’s a set that comes with soup, rice and side-dishes so there goes my illusion of stuffing my face with meat. The lack in quantity is made up for with its taste, however. I think I’d still rather go for quantity, given a choice.

Drinks with pictures of frickin' BEARS on it.

Just look at that. Hokkaido Guarana, whatever that means. A full-face portrait of a bear. Eat your heart out Red Bull, we gonna’ get down to serious business with this one.

At least, that was what I thought anyway. You can’t blame me for expecting a super “energy” drink or something. Turns out to be just really sweet soda. To the point where it couldn’t be finished beyond the first few initial sips. Made me miss ramune for some reason.

It's like thunder, but black.

Continuing with the bizarre food series, we now have Black Thunder. Oh yeah, power-bar for sure!

Don't stare at this for too long, either.

Nope, just chocolate. WHY DO YOU KEEP MISLEADING ME?

Looking at it again, perhaps Sweet Mint wasn't such a rad idea.

I had hoped this would turn out good, like chocolate digestive biscuits, which is like the illegitimate child of Win and Tasty, much to the disgust of Healthy. Not really, apparently. It doesn’t taste horrid, it’s just… unique. The sort of thing whereby you’ll eat one and then say “thank you” and politely decline another.

Ginger: making food interesting since discovery.

Holy table-flipping, angry-Japanese-emoji, don’t you eat normal food?!

I do! But it’s nice to experiment once in a while right? Haha. Initially this Ginger & Milk stick of chocolate was disgusting. Why on earth would anyone buy this?! (There was plenty of stock at the store, in case you’re wondering.) Decided against throwing the rest out and brought it home.

Curiosity made me try another and you know what? I quite like it. I’ve had this thing for ginger lately, having it in my teh tarik during the odd supper and what-not. I like the burning after-sensation it leaves in your throat. This chocolate just burns your throat and makes you cough and choke. Yet I still like it. Not buying it again though; fine as a novelty.

Odd choice for a name there.

Cherry candy drops. Something normal, at last! I didn’t get to try any, looking back on it. I also seem to have trouble with the colour in this photo. Hmm.

Your eyes do not deceive you, good sir / lady!

You didn’t think there’d just be normal candy, did you? Introducing– yeah you can read the flavours for yourself. And they actually do taste like what’s advertised! I have no idea how. The gyoza one is pretty evil. I love gyozas/dumplings but tasting it and not eating it is just… just… *sadface*.

That shall conclude this post. My two-year old Canon Powershot G11 still performs well for it’s purpose, as you can see, but I can’t help wanting another camera, haha.

Should I sell this off and upgrade? I’d still need the capital though and definitely not before I start school (…haha). Question would then be what should I buy?

I’m still not inclined towards getting a DSLR although its great for what it does, especially macro and still photography.

On the Micro 4/3s scene, I’d go for the Olympus Pen rather than the Sony NEX and would love the ability to use different lenses, especially those lovely, old ones by a certain German company.

Compared to the previous two, I still want the Fujifilm X100 the most for a myriad of reasons (in addition to being so f*ing beautiful). IF ONLY IT WASN’T A FIXED LENS! I’m fine with it being prime — I rarely, if not never, use optical zoom anyway. And that viewfinder which works so much like my film rangefinder.

Even if I were to upgrade, I think it’ll only be a long-time from now, haha. I leave you with video of the X100! I’m really fond of DigitalRevTV’s videos, really candid and usually funny.


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