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Since I’m a gamer, what else would I do in my spare time but play video games? I haven’t been playing Oblivion much lately thanks to Steam’s Holiday Sale which concluded not too long ago, as well as because of Dungeon Defenders, which I’ve played recently and have developed an immense love for. Kinda getting tired of it now, however, since it’s turned into high-level gear runs. Great if with friends though.

Remember not too ago, I posted a number of screenshots of my playthrough of Oblivion? Well here’s a couple more after the cut. I’m beginning to see that it’s a highly-disjointed series of images which wouldn’t make much sense if not for the captions. As such, I’m considering starting a spin-off blog that would document my experience in my games. Would anybody care to read it? Doubt it and don’t care!

But it’s a good way to get other things done while I’m gaming as well. Screenshot compositions, something I haven’t really though much of. Editing the images afterwards, putting captions in and ultimately compiling it all into a presentation for a blog entry. Should make use of several different aspects, I reckon.

I’ll post the link here once I start it up. Obviously.

And so without further ado, some random, poorly-made screenshots.


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