Pitter Patter

Two Steps From Hell, aww yeah. Been listening to them since who knows when and they’ve been expanding their library and number of fans! I really, really want them to have a live performance. Full orchestra, full choir. By the pantheon it’ll be epic. Preferably in London, Warsaw or Tokyo. Then recorded and released in sweet, sweet Blu-Ray. Oh, joy.

Haven’t thought of anything to post lately. I’ve been gaming less than I did during December though; mostly been catching up on My Little Pony, Game of Thrones and BBC UK’s Top Gear. Fun, epic and hilarious, in corresponding order. Also been catching up on the comic reading which I’ve been neglecting the past few weeks in favour of defending Etheria (read: Dungeon Defenders).

In all honesty though this is only because I’m reaching the end of the end-game content of DD. Once I pre-purchase the DLC it’ll unlock some other game modes and I’ll be head-deep in the game again, lol. The adventures of Mayo, Ketchup, Teriyaki and Mustard continue! (Yes I named the four classes after condiments to go along with Mayo. I’m quite proud of myself.)

Recently watched two documentaries too. Senna, which is “a 2010 documentary film that depicts the life and death of Brazilian motor-racing champion, Ayrton Senna. (Wiki)” I’ve never been much of a Formula One person but it has been an enlightening show.

The other would be Graphic Sexual Horror and… well, just look at their official website. Definitely not for the faint of heart but it is very interesting. I’ve long understood the “why the hell do they do it” part. Was just refreshing to see other sides to the production. This of course covers the legal, consenting scene in America. I imagine it’s pretty much the same for Europe and Japan. Never forget the darker side of things: human trafficking. On the other side of the world we live in, it sure is hard to imagine, especially with our first-world problems.

So many documentaries and movies, so little time!
Make that so many things to do and so little time.

With that, happy Chinese New Year to all! Seems like we’re well on our way into 2012.

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