Magic makes it all complete

Caution: Ponies.

I had such a hard time trying to decide which song to use I actually put off writing this post in its entirety! Haha. Decided to put this up today though because I love musicals. I haven’t started on Season 2 yet so it feels like I cheated by listening to this song first but really, I was on a YouTube roll last night listening to originals and fantastic fan-creations alike I didn’t even notice until it was already playing!

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have such a great dynamic together. And that poor tortoise! And Derpy right at the end, peeking out of the chicken coop!! Can’t wait to see that pony’s introduction. I’ve also added the Mane 6’s RP accounts on Twitter and my feed has turned much more colourful and amusing now, although it defeated the whole “news feed” purpose I was going for initially. Ah well.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the bag. Next post will be 40K related, because the screenshots are awaiting processing right now. Recently found my inspiration again, something that hasn’t happened in six years, all thanks to the wonderful bronies and pegasisters I’ve had the pleasure of acquainting myself with lately.

So yeah that shall be all for tonight. Sipping on Nutella hot chocolate thanks to a certain foodie going wild over it. Its nice but I think it’ll be more so if it’s chilled — something I’ll give a shot tonight. I will now take a break by re-watching another Season 01 MLP episode and then its back to the tutorials! Easing myself back into familiarising with the programs. Been so long.

And an instrumental piece to close this off. Winter Wrap-Up’s my absolute favourite of the lot so far, with and without vocals. Hell you can’t go wrong with me if you have an acoustic guitar in it, haha.


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