A long time from now, in one of many galaxies

Well I did say I was gonna post the screenshots up.

Being a 40K fan, I was rearing to get my hands on Space Marine. After my PS3 died, however, the whole excitement died along with it. Couple of months later, I bought a copy of it for Steam and unsurprisingly put it aside: it was the Winter Sale period.

It just so happens that there was an achievement for the game so in I went into multiplayer. It was fun. As I’ve mentioned before, Relic did an amazing job with the controls, despite stepping out of their Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) comfort zone. Such a shame, however, that the campaign and gameplay mechanics left much to be desired.

I’m not going to write at length about the game. There are reviews for that and in the wonderful digital age, you can see some of the pretty cutscenes for yourself on YouTube. I also did not really have any intent in mind* when screencapping (like with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion), so it’s really all over the place.

*Yes I actually intend to take a different, thought-out approach to the screenshots next time I play a game. I’m currently only playing Overlord sporadically and had already started, so it doesn’t count. Dungeon Defenders too.

Over the course of preparing the screenshots, I had considered writing how the campaign went to go along with the pictures. Unfortunately the story isn’t all that great and there are lots of gaps in-between. Grim-dark is a hard genre too — its very easy to sound cheesy when you’re doing it wrong.

So I went with the other, easier and more common approach: humour. Of which I have a unique sense, so it doesn’t really make much difference in the end! Haha.

I really wanted to put up a pony song but it’ll just be weird so here, something from the earlier Dawn of War: Dark Crusade game. I’ve played it so many times it plays in my head whenever I think about it.

Eeeeeyup. That’s it. Now that this is out of the way, I can focus on the thing I’m working on right now. Surprise, surprise, it’s also 40K related, but will have to do with Dawn of War II instead of Space Marine or the tabletop game.

I’ve already spent 16 hours (I think?) working on it, and I’m barely started, haha. Getting the footage I want is a pain, because I literally have to play as different armies to get the actions and scenes I need (because the A.I. is ass). Well… whatever. I’m hoping the final product manages to encapsulate what I imagined when I started out. I’m having fun anyway so yay to that. I also need a better system. Working with video is a whole different ballpark than playing video games. 82GB of unedited shots (oh god the HDD swapping…), 11GB of lousy footage due to framerate issues… I’m looking at you guys.

And dammit iTunes, how am I going to pay you? I want to own all the MLP episodes! AND THE NEW EPISODE IS COMING OUT SOON.


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