Brace yourselves.

Father may you judge us fairly

Mother may you protect all that is innocent

Warrior may you bless the rightious with vigor and courage

Maiden may you cherish and keep all the beauty of this world

Smith may you give strength to all those who labour for survival

Crone may you give wisdom to all who seek it

Stranger, god of death …. not today, not today

I want Season 2 of Game of Thrones nooooooooooow. *whines like Rarity*
Still haven’t read the books yet. I want to but I’m waiting for something. I’m just not sure what that is. Probably money.

I hope Joffrey dies. I’m fine with evil — he’s just a plain annoying kid.
Dying to know how Daenerys uses her new-found status. (AND DRAGONS.)
I wanna know how House Stark does against House Lannister.

Ooo, all this excitings!

I also want to actually make some banners for this blog (about time, lol) but I’m having great difficulty thinking of what to use. There’s also the problem of a Mayo-umbrella logo (Mayonade, Mayoyaki etc.), which I have actually spent a few months pondering over. Yet nothing comes to mind! Mad props to logo designers, seriously.


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