Cloud works in progress

I’ll be moving my blog soon. I’m in the process of making some graphics here and there (when I’m not being lost trying to navigate programs) and am about to do some closed testing of how it’ll look like. I’ll migrate only after I return from my Phillipines trip so I shall be posting here in the meantime.

I’m moving simply because I finally find the limitations of what I can do on WordPress’ servers. I’m discovering limitations because I’m actually trying to do more with my content. I’m trying to do more because inspiiiiration!

Best. Thing. Ever.

In my quest to work on these “graphics” (which are, lets be honest, nothing but smaller headers so far on a long to-do list), I’ve put the video project on hold. I’ll try to finish it up sometime this week. Still not too happy with the framerates but it’s best I get it out of the way before it ends up being abandoned.

Also, I really want to eat cupcakes now because they’re so sweet and tasty.

Prompt application of the aaaaaaaaaron PUNCH.

And GIFs are so much easier to make these days! I remember having a go back in 2006/2007. I’m not using any dedicated programs but as it stands right now I don’t really see the need for one.



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