Whut I think

Why is there a need for women in games and comics to be portrayed llike nothing short of walking skeletons? Seriously, its disturbing.

I made a simple visual comparison.

Apologies for the scaling. Didn’t expect it to be that compressed after uploading and it seemed fine — unti l remembered about the comic at the end (which can be read here).

Progress has slowed down exponentially. Getting a mental block. Shall give blog migration a hold and go back to the video. Why the hell does time pass so bloody fast when you’re not working?

Update: Well the cuts are fine — two scenes need a few frames shaved off to sync with the audio. It’s After Effects that is throwing me for a loop. I’m going to have to sit my ass down and just familiarise myself with this beast again. Didn’t help that I never did get much experience with it before. Busy, busy, every day!


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