Smooth Beats

I’ve wrote and deleted three drafts over the course of the past few days. Either they didn’t feel like they amounted to much, or they got too long with me not knowing where I was really going.

Also, is it just me or has it been getting warmer these past few nights?

Anyway, putting up a bunch of songs because I probably will not have a blog-post before I fly off this Saturday. Mostly fanmade pony- or pony-inspired music because that’s the majoriy of my playlists recently.

As always, if you’re previewing any of this music and happen to like what you hear, please stop and change it to the highest video resolution you can get, because audio quality goes up a little too. Even better, download the .mp3 file that some of them make available.

Two music videos, one pony and one not each! I’ll spread this out over several scheduled posts.


Hush Now (Don’t Go To Bed Remix)
Princess Addictia
Mayo: What I figured would be a smart follow-up to the music used in the last post, haha. I’m not really big on dubstep that seems to be all the rage recently, but this? I can work with this. It starts out slow and smooth, but dear Celestia once it builds up and explodes… oh yeah. Fluttershy vocal mixes for bonus yay points.


Aruarian Dance
Mayo: I haven’t listened to Nujabes before, but the moment I did last night, I knew I recognised his musical style from somewhere. Lo and behold, some digging up showed that he had some contributions to the Samurai Champloo anime series, which was totally ace in all aspects from animation to music and story. Don’t know what’s good nowadays but I bet its mostly blah, hence why I rarely watch anything anime-related now. I digress! Unfortunately this man has passed away. Yes, it appears good musicians have a higher rate of passing away than the horrible ones, much, MUCH to my disappointment. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. Chill, perhaps? Something in a lounge. Kick back, relax, enjoy. You know.


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