Smooth Beats II

A series of scheduled music-posts to cover up the days leading up to, and during, my overseas trip.

I might just make this a regular thing to cover days where I have no other entry! But I think I’ll run out of songs very fast, haha.

Well, on to the music then! One pony-related and one not, two music videos each entry.


Giggle At The Ghostly (Simple Joy Remix)
Pinkie Pie Swear
Mayo: One of the things I like about MLP is how the show is just so happy (though it does have its sad or dark moments). This song remix attempts to do the same and pulls it off well. It helps that Pinkie Pie is just… fun, and her songs usually are so too. Because the original Giggle At The Ghostie is the very first song you hear in the first episode (not counting the introduction), I know the lyrics to it very well, haha.


Misty Blue
Etta James
Mayo: The lady with a beautiful bluesy voice, Etta James. Yes, she’s moved on from this world as well, earlier this year no less. She has lots of great songs, old and new, but ever since I’ve listened to the last album released, Misty Blue always comes to mind first. I do like the lyrics. Sappy and sad, haha.Who knew that mere mention of someone’s name could hold that much meaning to you?


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