Smooth Beats III

A series of scheduled music-posts to cover the days leading up to, and during, my overseas trip.

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on–

…disregard that. You know, I used to be awfully proud about knowing the lyrics and not knowing how the song actually went. And this went on for many, many months. It was only until one fateful day on January 2012, when one bored, uninspired afternoon, I watched a video that compiled all of 2011’s internet fads, failures and successes.

Little did I know, that a particular song by Selena Gomez would have a feature in it. On hindsight it was awfully stupid, but I was so enthralled and horrified by what I had seen so far it completely escaped consideration. When the clip and tune played, I wondered for a second what it was. Only when did the video fade-in and show her in that damn convertible singing this atrocisity did the full impact hit me… I closed the video, shut down the computer and actually left the house.

Anyway, on to the music! One pony-related and one not, two music videos each post!


Nightmare Night Konzertstück
“I. Luna’s Repentance II. Star Swirl the Bearded Weirdo Clown

Mayo: Moving away from the remixes into original fan creations. Oh sweet, sweet Celestia. How do I even begin? These songs are beautiful. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that there was a brony out there, who composed his own orchestral songs! That he was one of many who got reinspired after watching the show and getting to know the community, that’s just totally awesome. :)

I’m going to copy-paste what he wrote regarding this, to do it justice.

A bit of nomenclature: A “Konzertstück” is merely a fancy German word for a usually short concert piece (though not necessarily concerto) which often defies the stricter formal outlines of a genre proper. This is a piece I had been thinking about writing ever since I saw “Luna Eclipsed” which was and IS, far and away, my favorite episode of season 2. After composing the Gala concertino, I still had an itch to compose a few more concerto works, and lo, this thing was born.

Or is being born! The piece is not actually complete, yet. These are the first two of a planned four movements, all built around the theme and characters of the abovementioned episode. On to the program!

Movement I — Adagio. This is a sort of aria without words, after the Mendelssohnian “Songs without Words.” It reflects what I like to imagine was Luna’s internal monologue just prior to descending upon the Nightmare Night festivities; passively remorseful but more resolute and optimistic for redemption than anything else. We leave the angst and pathos at the door. I originally planned on setting it to lyrics before wisely axing that idea. A gentle coda leads to an attaca…

Movement II — Prestissimo Scherzando. Important to note, the theme of this piece is based off of the very same which plays in the first five seconds of the “Luna Eclipsed” episode as Spike is pacing to and fro. William Anderson obviously had Grieg on the mind. This is my absolute favorite kind of concerto movement: ridiculously brisk, heavy on whimsy, and murder on the fingers, heh. I admit the form was slightly influenced by Prokofiev’s own Piano Concerto no. 2 and that famous, breathless two minute perpetuum mobile. This is an illustration of Twilight’s ambition and consequent frustration in her almost-but-not-quite successful portrayal of Star Swirl the bearded, but not without some musical evocations of the wizard himself.


Sara Smile
Hall & Oates
Mayo: Just play it. Listen to that introduction. Then the lyrics come in. Oh man, this is it. I could listen to this all day. I’ll… just shut up.

Edit: Well, it appears I have fallen sick. I had an empty bin on Thursday morning. By Thursday evening it was already full. I’m gonna put up the last Beats post and hope I’ll get better before the flight.

Of all the things that could possibly happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING.


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