Smooth Beats IV

A series of scheduled music-posts to cover the days leading up to, and during, my overseas trip.

No, I take that back. This will actually be the final post, due to the ill-timed visit by the cold bug. Unless, of course,  I get better and have some time to squeeze stuff in. Highly unlikely, though.

On to the music.

Nightmare Night Konzertstück Finale
“Giggle at the Ghosties – Luna’s Reprise”
Mayo: This was released much sooner than I had expected. I already had a different song prepared but I might as well post this up to complement yesterday’s post. If you do watch the thing, you’ll notice a bunch of names scrolling on the left. These are all his subscribers; yes, this man painstakingly wrote down the usernames of all his subscribers as thanks to us all. Which is just amazing and incredibly humble of him. I’m also glad mine came up in the first chunk so I didn’t have to stare at the thing for long on the second playthrough, haha.

Mov. III Maestsoso — “Giggle At the Ghosties — Luna’s Reprise” – This is the final movement of the Nightmare Night Konzertstück, I having opted against the four movement structure for a tighter and in my opinion, more satisfying traditional concerto form. I highly recommend that if you haven’t already; listen to the first two movements as this one touches on both before its conclusion, most substantially Luna’s theme at the end. It opens with a rubato introduction which whispers the “GatGs” theme on flute and oboe before a brass chorale makes the first statement proper (truthfully, I’m not crazy about my brass section VSTs, but ah well). After the “You Gotta Stand Up Tall” chorus, Luna’s theme returns because this is, after all, HER Night. Piano and Strings wipe away any vestiges of Nightmare Moon. Pomp and circumstance brings us home as rapid fire piano chords lead to a properly dramatic conclusion.


One Cold Morning
Mayo: I got to know this man through his pony music. This piece, however, is not, so it still complies with the series’ format, haha. Like the photos featured, it’s a magical piece of music. My only problem with it that I’d probably die from the cold if I ever got to be in those places.

Originally composed for the Smile! Charity album. There’s a particular part of the song that pays homage to one of my favorite composers Lex De Azevedo. He’s awesome.

And there you have it. The plane will be landing in a moment I should believe. I really want to hasten the blog migration process once I’m back.


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