Git Clickin’

Feeling much better now physically. Mind is still a… messy pit of seething turmoil but eh, nothing new. Spent my Saturday mostly in bed watchnig the three Monty Python movies. Again. I watched them the night before I flew off .They’re plain genius. My favourite is still their first: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Seriously, if you don’t find it as funny as I do, I find it difficult for us to remain friends, haha.

Sunday saw me working on the photos I said I would be. I’m skipping a lot of them, because I only intend to work on the ones I’ll be posting online. So far I only have seventy-four pictures done; fifty-four others were rejected as either too blurry, nonsense or not something I’d post up. Still got a bunch to go.

It’s funny how I’ll be doing all this again sometime in the future, because I intend to use Lightroom to organise my photos the way I do with music on iTunes. The only time I’ll be in touch with either programs once again will be on my “new” system, and we all know how long that’s been taking.

So here, have a silly photo I took in the meantime. Couldn’t be bothered with making a clean mask selection, excuse the fringing.

Badly need a new monitor. The colours look too saturated on the browser. Blah. Gotta batch-fix.

Also, there’s been an update to the #SaveDerpy movement in light of recent events, but I’m not gonna talk about it now because I get a mix of feelings, some of it sad. Shall see, shall see.


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