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I’ve decided to break up the holiday photo dump over separate posts because hey why not? It’ll be entirely far too long if I were to compile it into one entry and besides, I like to put in wordy stuff.

The series does not, however, begin with this one. I took a bunch of web screenshots and realised I already had a few saved previously so I’m taking the chance to post them up now.

Ever since I changed the format of my blog  to display only the most recent post on the home page, I’ve started to miss using the “More” tag function quite a bit, haha. I might change it upon final revision, when I get round to that. My envisioned layout might be too much trouble for its worth, so will be trimming down lots of ideas.

Well enough of that, on to the meat of the content!

(…right, this is where the break usually goes.)


Oh look, new song! I’m starting to notice some similarities between the songs but its still alright at this stage.


I got this in one of my emails not too long ago, promoting a seminar or something to that effect. Naturally this image caught my eye more than the headline relating to sales. I’m not a salesperson and never will be. It takes a certain mindset (territorial introverts aren’t highly suitable I would reckon) to tackle the job effectively and I’ve always been mildly amused at their motivational antics.

This picture managed to evoke some curiosity out of me, especially since it was just after I browsed through an online article about “Singaporean dogs”. You can read about it here. Now, I’ll readily admit it didn’t stir up a reaction in me, because it’s so hard to practice patriotism in this country. After all, there’s another, more-recent article about the annual numbers of Singaporeans renouncing their citizenships.While I do believe that the “greener grass other side etc.” saying always holds true, its hard to not want to leave. But ah, if only it was a viable option.

I also didn’t know chihuahuas were technical wizards.


Now this I came across shortly after I was pimping up my phone with a spanking new user interface and all that jazz. I decided to look for some pony stuff and much to my squeals of delight there was more than just one or two. Glancing at the related apps section I thought I saw what looked to be Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark. ‘Oh sweet Celestia, it must be some awesome game!” so I had thought.

Nope. It wasn’t even related to pony — the app just happened to have a colourful logo.


Custom-made Princess Luna plush. Look at the bid price on that thing, and that wasn’t even what it sold for in the end!

Lots of custom plushes demand high prices, mostly since they’re handmade, and moreso when they’ve been lovingly crafted and detailed like this particular one! Don’t recall the materials made, but it definitely would have been magic to hold.

Hasbro, why you no make pony plushies?! And by that I’m hoping for decent-looking ones. The toys still have traces of the older, traditional designs to them. They’re fine for the little girls and long-time collectors and fans I suppose, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a separate line of products for your newfound market right?

A newfound market that mostly happens to have higher allowances and full salaries?

You’ve been awesome so far though, so please don’t go the money-grabbing, fan-alienating route EA has taken.

Edit: I found the eBay page for it! You can check out the price it went for and the materials used for yourself.


Right, to add-on to what I’ve said on the whole pony plush matter. There was a whole thread about it going on. Highlighted idea caught my full attention. Though looking back on it now, I’d rather have one of each.

One of each. Haha, what am I saying? *gets smacked by emanciated wallet*

…Blu-Ray releases with extras! Full soundtracks on CD or FLAC/ALAC/WAV inclusive of the beautiful background music and non-vocal versions of the songs! Just saying.


Moving on from the pony, this was a thread about secrets parents know about their kids. Has been highly fascinating and informative in a way. It even had a spin-off that had to do with secrets roommates know.

You should read the whole thing I’ve clipped, but I’ve put emphasis on the interesting parts. Ah puberty.


While I’m happy for the parents involved, I can’t help but ask why does such a scholarship program even exist? Basing it on something as arbitrary as being the first baby to be born on a leap year? What? Then again, education prices are always skyrocketing so in roughly twenty-one years time it might not be much but hell, every dollar helps.



This actually happened to me in secondary school. I was on the way back from classes or messing around (I never could tell which) and noticed some of my classmates. They had been approached by a stranger needing to borrow a phone and after some fuss and a personal vouch of safety from one of my classmates, I hesitantly agreed.

I direly needed to head home first for some reason though, so I proceeded to do just that. I came back down to common area and lo and behold, the guy had fled.

So a police report was made and my classmate profusely apologised — he tried to give chase.

A day or two later they actually saw the perp elsewhere and tailed him all the way into a cab. ‘Twas an interesting development but didn’t lead to much. They were genuinely sorry, however, so I was pretty much cool with it.

They eventually found him again in my neighbourhood and managed to call the cops on him. Biggest surprise of it all turned out to be that he was one of my neighbours renting a room and badly in need of money — he’d been going around asking for loans, apparently. Not that I’d know anyway, being too much of a hikki with my anime.

I had to go down to the police station for the report and all. It was my first time there and being in a room to make my statement was pretty unnerving — it felt as if I was there for something I had done! Being the upstanding citizen* I am, however, it was entirely irrational thinking of course.

*I’d be a vigilante-with-a-gun but modern-day society and the law frowns upon such pastimes. Because screw tossing them into long prison sentences for serious offences, Judge Dredd is boss.

Well its all fuzzy with time. It really is true how you end up remembering only the little details of past, memorable events. I didn’t press charges because I was a sympathetic, dreamy fool (having no money sucks) and I don’t even know what the outcome was.

Did I get my phone back? Or cash or some form of recompense? Or nothing at all? I… honestly don’t remember. Needless to say, the fella moved shortly after that. Either the homeowner didn’t want him there any longer or he didn’t want to stay with the bad reputation, I don’t know too.



I always make it a point to read news about local crimes or major ones overseas. I also like to analyse where they went wrong and imagine how I would have done things different. It’s nice pretending to be a criminal mastermind sometimes.

This scam had some inherent problems with their mode of operation but really, they were just too bleeding greedy. The hell did they do with the money anyway? Blow it all on booze and sex or… I don’t know, what do local delinquents do with their time and money, anyway?

(Yes I’m widly assuming they’re deliquents.)

They’re such a joke compared to their overseas counterparts, I think the best solution would be to just ignore them. Or throw them into a prison cell and then forget about them. Entirely. Maybe remember once in a while and toss some food and water but the main idea here is to ignore. Perhaps hold a Hunger Games-style tournament, then toss the winner back into cell with an extra serving of food and dessert!  I’d make a great prison warden, wouldn’t I?

And how did the victims not get suspicious anyway? Or do you not question an undressing girl on a webcam and whip it out? Oh internet, you so funny.



Not a new video, simply remastered for widescreen. I didn’t know Chef had health problems lately,  but it’s great to hear he’s recoverig! I like watching the videos but I’m terrible in the kitchen. I suspect the nature of the kitchen plays a big role so we’ll have to see once I get my own place. One aspect of life I’ll always miss out on is living in a dorm it seems.

Also, I cook only when I’m hungry and whenever it’s something that takes up considerably more time than “boil-water-dump-noodles-clean-and-gtfo” I tend to grow impatient quite fast. Because you know… I’m hungry. Always end up compromising on something or rushing the whole process. Not usually a good idea with cooking.

I do love omurice, so this warranted a feature. I never could get the egg to taste the way the Japanese do it. Perhaps I’ll try this someday. Strong emphasis on ‘perhaps‘. Make a bento for me and I’d be very happy! *hint* Haha.


Shall go catch up on documentaries, comics and tutorials now. Come back tomorrow for the first photo post of my Philippines trip!


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