I hate Yahoo

For the longest time I’ve been having difficulty trying to log-in to my Flickr account. The last time I successfully did was two years ago I believe. I’m trying to log-in again because I intend to upload the photos of the trip there instead of Photobucket, purely for organisational purposes, i.e. Photobucket is a mess and contains all my random blog images, whereas Flickr contains photo sets.

So I tried logging in again to no avail. Even resetting my password doesn’t work. Here’s the funny thing: I created a new Yahoo account, linked it to various other stuff, logged in via Flickr for it etc. and it works flawlessly! I went to delete that new account — went smoothly too.

But as for my old account? Nope. I suspect it has something to do with Yahoo taking over the sign-in details of Flickr. I don’t remember needing my Yahoo account to sign-in, nor did it have alternate log-ins via Facebook or Google back then either. All I needed was my Flickr account details.

Convenient for someone to use one account to log-in to every service, I know, but it’s a security nightmare. Good luck if someone manages to get into your Facebook account. I periodically go in to delete unnecessary apps and permissions — not like I use it much these days anyway.

So yeah, I’m not going to simply upload to Photobucket in the meantime. Screw that. I’ve trawled through numerous FAQs online and one suggestion is to wait 24 hours after a password change before attempting another sign-in to allow the servers to update. Pfft.

If that doesn’t work I’m going to contact Yahoo support, which in all likelihood would mean more delays to the update.


The choice of Rarity is a very appropriate one. *slowly exhales*


I messed around with some time-lapse footage today on the way to Liang Court. It turned out as I had expected, which is to say, nothing too fabulous. Mostly due to technicalities. I’m using my phone to do it, so as to not attract attention — walking around with your camera pointed straight ahead is bound to get you unwanted stares and reactions.

(…I just realised I haven’t taken out my contact lenses. My glasses are so scratched up its annoying, long overdue for new ones. Damn you myopia.)

Everything’s a learning experience of course. Will probably try another one with the new settings if I get the chance.

I also must mention how awesome Firefox’s tab groups function is. Makes things so much neater.

Okay I’m still really worked up, and these blurry glasses aren’t helping. I’d probably go out the back and shoot target boards with a suppressed weapon. Trouble is I don’t have access to all that so I’ll do the next best alternative I have. I’ll go watch a movie after that I suppose.

There’ll be no new posts up until I get the Flickr issue resolved.

Anyway, this happened earlier in the evening:


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