These Legs Are Made For Walking

Sorry the post isn’t ready yet. I’ve been out most of the day, tossed my out-of-shape body around in some physical activity in the evening and had walked about 3km to get home from Sengkang MRT because I got a little overconfident and missed the last bus. So yeah, I’m pretty beat right now. It made me realise how much I miss going for walks though, especially at night.

^The entire paragraph above is in reference to Thursday, March 1st. Just something to keep in mind, since I’m doing scheduled posts and all.

For today’s (Friday) post, it’ll be up by tonight. Photos and all, as promised. I’ll just have to go out and do a favour in the day. Believe I’m finally fully recovered now to make the journey to Liang Court — that means no sudden trips to the toilet, bouts of nausea and/or coughing fits to dislodge some really thick phlegm. Nothing pretty going on in my room the past few days, haha.

I am also direly in need of temp assignments that don’t end too late. Like, morning to preferable 5pm or so. Which isn’t an easy thing to find. I was hoping to get a gig at the IT fair at least but nope, a little too late for that. Shall keep on the lookout. The last time I’ve been this broke was… in my poly days.

Speaking of which, I’ve received another admissions letter. It’s not for RP obviously, which I am fairly intrigued about, however, especially with their whole presentations model (though I’m sure the novelty will wear off fairly quickly). Besides, I’m certainly not well suited for that course.

The new one is for NYP and while not fully ideal either, it at least isn’t too bad. Has elements of something I’m actually interested in.

I rather take a private 1-year diploma in something I actually like, but the financial side of things doesn’t seem too positive. Besides, simply having an interest doesn’t necessarily mean I’d be good at it. I’m still keen on trying it as a part-time diploma thing, but shall see how that’ll work out. Probably when I start working, which is another three years from now.

I’ve stopped counting my age for a reason.

On another entirely random note, Cold Storage are having a small discount on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Not that big a fan but hey ice cream. Didn’t buy any, though. The idea of finishing two whole tubs is kinda off-putting.

And I also had my weight measured today. I was expecting to be about 70KG or so but it turns out I’m actually lighter than that, much to my surprise. Probably been losing or have already lost my muscle mass. Need to fix that.

To end this post:

There are a pair of researchers who have taken it upon themselves to study the Brony culture and community in all aspects. There’s an article about them too. Their main method of outrech thus far has been a survey and they’ve recently launched their second one. I’ve already completed it of course, but they have a survey for the general population (non-bronies) as well. If you find yourself with some spare time with nothing better to do (Facebook, YouTube crawling, idly surfing the web and casual games don’t count!), then please give it a shot!

If you want to, that is. I’m not forcing you. Only if you feel like it… </Fluttershy>

The Brony Study website.
Take the survey!

TL;DR Too tired, will post up photos later today.


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