American Revolution Androids

Catched up on GDC 2012 news officially. I had already known about Assassin’s Creed III because of leaks, so I skipped on that. (Hmm, I wonder if SG can suggest to the rest of the art team to give the protagonist a civilian costume because it’s kinda out of place when he’s in town. Just my opinion, though.) There is also another WAR COMBAT MANSHOOTER PEW PEW game that elicited nothing more than a nonchalant grunt of acknowledgement. Medal of Honor, to be exact. They’re using the Frostbite 2 engine which raised my eyebrow but other than that… honestly, I’m getting sick of these. I’m looking forward to Borderlands 2 and trying out Tribes: Ascend, maybe Firefall and Planetside 2.

Well, also on the FPS front, news of Christian Allen wanting to make a tactical shooter got me to sit up in my crumbling chair.

(…)“realism and tactics” in place of “cinematic flavor”, including “realistic weapon modeling, outfitting and commanding your squad, objective-based, non-linear missions set in real-world locations around the world, single player, co-op, and multiplayer.

[Article – Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

Something like the earlier Operation Flashpoint, Rainbow Six or SWAT games? One-shot-one-kill? Pre-mission briefing and planning? Loadout customisation? I’m keeping my hopes up! And yes naming it Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter would be both hilarious and epic. I’m sure it’s appealing to a niche audience but Allen seems like the man for the job.

Other news I had already heard? SimCity. Got me as excited as a kid in a candy store, and then some. I LOVE the previous SimCity games! I had long thought that ever since Maxis made The Sims, they were going to leave behind their other Sim products. They’re proving me wrong and I can’t wait for it!

The trailer brought back memories, ah. I remember when my city had an electrical blackout. Oh the riots that caused. I got tired of the civilians and just sent a few “natural disasters” their way. Much easier to calm them down after an earthquake or two and a tornado… nothing serious.

Unfortunately, I noticed something small, something I had totally forgotten — I saw a certain logo. Then it hit me: Maxis is one of EA’s studios.

Oh please no, don’t destroy this franchise with their business model the way they did with Mass Effect. Not SimCity too!

Yeah I think three variations should be enough. Sigh. Is this going to end up being another EA boycott?

Crushed, dejected, lost, I wandered through the influx of updates from the GDC. Nothing caught my attention anymore. I idly scrolled past headlines, articles and videos. What was the point? …wait.

Quantic Dream. I know that name. The minds and talent behind Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain. The first one was an experience and two was fun though I didn’t play it past the first playthrough. What had they been up to since then?

A tech-demo? This should be interesting.

Sci-fi nerdgasm!

I haven’t been absorbed by anything like that for quite some time! Intelligent A.I., heck, artificial humans, is another great brain love-interest of mine. (So many books waiting to be read!)

I think I can safely say it started when I first got to watch the anime movie, Ghost In The Shell. Aside from the slick animation and plain bad-ass story (exploding rounds, nearly a decade before W40K came into my life), it really got my curiosity running. I expanded my scope from there and whoa, this was a whole new field. Hollywood has had a mix of ups and downs regarding the genre but they’ve seem to have abandoned it now, more intent on ripping off anime with live-action horror, remakes of classics and… yeah, I haven’t seen a good recent movie lately, don’t blame me.

Back on the topic at hand, this was merely at tech demo and as such, the story was crafted to be self-contained. It’s likely we wouldn’t get to see Kara in a game in the future but I’m hoping their next release deals with self-aware androids! It’s great to see facial capture technology being used again after L.A. Noire (haven’t bought it yet) though I have to say, the voice actress carried most of the performance here. I have some issues with the lines for the voice actor but eh, works alright.

Alas, Quantic Dream is tied to Sony, which means PS3/4 exclusitivity. Just when I had made up my mind about not wanting another console! I don’t care dammit, port it to PC! It’ll look and perform so much better!

P.S. There has also been long, old, never-ending discussions about studios making full-length CGI movies. It’ll take years, run into very, very high production costs and all but by the Omnissiah will it be beautiful. Some things you just, absolutely cannot pull off with live-action at the current state of visual movie effects. One can dream.

(Thursday, March 8)


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