Fission Mailed

Yeah okay, I don’t care if it’s 2AM, staying up for the livestream is definitely worth it.

Especially when the latest episodes has references to the Terminator series and Metal Gear Solid 4!

I didn’t want to take more screenshots during the stream because I have to wait til commercials and it distracts me from the chat. Also I’ve shifted to Midnight Run instead of because as much as I love the latter, with the main chatroom crossing the thousand mark, it’s getting way too laggy for enjoyment. Shall observe how things proceed.

I naturally had to wait and take more screenshots because epic lulz win. Hasbro, The Hub and Studio B, you guys are awesome. Please release BD sets with specials, extras and interviews so I can legally purchase my own copies.

Future Twilight (from next Tuesday), unfortunately, doesn’t manage to give the warning she came back in time for in the first place. Twilight naturally panics and worries too much. Over time she starts attaining the physical traits from the future, like the scar and the mane, which just makes her more mental. She doesn’t crack like she did in Lesson Zero though. Well yeah okay maybe she did, but not so severe.

Where does she get all her balloons from? Pinkie Pie Panic Time. Also, two new cities have been named: Los Pegasus and Baltimare, lol.

Cerberus. Hell is now canon?

So Twilight attempts to break-in to the Star Swirl the Bearded wing of the Canterlot library to find a spell to stop time.

If anypony had doubts about the MGS4 reference with the get-up, then that scene will alleviate them all.

In the end nothing happened, and the warning was for her to not to worry at all. She manages to find a time-travel spell and you should know how the rest goes, for time continuity’s sake. We even managed to see Trollestia — I mean, Princess Celestia strolling past in the library, lawl.

Sweet new BGM in this one and the previous episode (Eye of the Tiger and Mr.T references!) but no new songs. Now to wait another week.

UPDATE: Well after the initial excitement died down, looking back at it I realised that if this is in reference to Snake, it should be MGS3 because of the eyepatch location, and so that’s Big Boss and not Solid Snake. Of course it makes much more sense if I said this references Escape from New York, BUT Kojima has said that that movie heavily-influenced MGS so hey, works both ways to me.


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