Gypsy Magic

Went to dig around my army pile for my uniform and boots.

  • If you let dust and cobwebs collect long enough, it feels like you’re sifting through long-lost artifacts! Only in this case, I would have preferred for said artifacts to remain “long-lost”. At the bottom of the sea. How about that, keeping things I dislike in something I dislike! Yo dawg, I heard you– yeah ok, shut up.
  • Metal objects do get rusty even if they’re kept in sealed bags. I need a new headdress.
  • I miss a comfortable pair of polished boots. I only have one pair since the other has been modified for performances and thus, useless for regular use. Consequently, my only pair is very worn-in and looks the part. A good dose of swipe and polish brings it up to presentability though. I’ve always wanted a good pair of “civilian boots” to survive the post-apocalypse.
  • I totally forgot that there are name tags on our uniforms. I also find myself preferring to wear a cap and vest rather than a beret and pass.
  • I can’t believe I’m typing about something that deserves no attention. I have and always will be highly skeptical of the whole “defending our nation” tagline we’re pushing to the general public. Patriotism (and the lack thereof) in this nation is not something I’m going to discuss about, however.

I mention the post-apocalypse, and I’m bringing it up again because the massive solar-flare is still going on as far as I know at the point I’m typing this. I have a fanfic story that I never finished (the draft is backed-up on one of my hard drives) where one of the major plot points is the solar-flare shorting out all circuits on Earth, plunging us into a dark age of rioting, panic and all-round chaos. Then when the fabled Mayan date comes round, hey-ho a warp rift and the Black Legion (or any other traitor warband) descend to prey on the fresh harvest of souls ripe for the taking.

I stopped writing because I ran into the problem of establishing a main character. The ones I have all die or become slaves eventually and I want to maintain perspective of the hapless Earthlings. Then there’s all the glaring plot-holes and such. I’m still in love with the idea though; might revisit it sometime, probably leave out the W40K but leave enough of a suggestion in the ending.


I’m still coughing. Combine that with physical activity and maybe I’ll just drop dead and become another headline and statistic too.


I’m not done with the second batch of photos; it’ll be up before next week though. I contacted NYP regarding my enrolment package and they mention it’ll be sent out this week, so there won’t be a daily dose of updates too.


I can’t believe I actually forgot about this! So yes, I still do appreciate this sort of humour! Who the heck doesn’t? When I think of Flash parodies for MGS, the first thing that comes to mind is ALWAYS Crab Battle.

It’s from before 2006 (earlier than uploaded, we didn’t see in on YT), come on. Anyways, David Hayter, the voice-actor for Snake, knows about the two videos and thinks they’re awesome. Sweeeet.

And then there’s that, featuring one of the most… “unique” bits of voice-acting from the first incarnation of the Dawn of War games. The animation that goes with it just makes it win.

And topping it off with an original song from an online dub-parody called Friendship Is Witchcraft, because latest episode of Friendship is Magic had gypsy Pinkie and so it’s now canon. Aside from that, this is a really catchy song. FiW is really entertaining too! Skip all the other videos, I don’t care, this song deserves a listen.

You may carry on.

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