720 Hours

Has it been a month already? Wow. I swear it was only March yesterday. I suddenly had a couple of things to do since my last post (read: all things enrolment) and I got round to doing them, not to mention trying to finish my current single-player games before school started and a week’s worth of work back at Resorts World Sentosa. Then the new Game of Thrones premiered, I got caught up doing a little fan work for MLP and a new book came into my lap that demanded it be read immediately.

And then you know… school started.


Lick It
Kaskade & Skillrex
Fire & Ice (2011)
Ultra Records

Every once in a while Kaskade winds up in my playlist. Partly because I only have a couple of albums on the PC (waiting for fabled-new-PC before installing iTunes and transferring my library over) so its bound to get into the rotation sooner or later*. No special commentary for the music, just that it’s not Eyes or Turn It Down, my favourite tracks from this album which have already been featured before.

*Which is why I have no idea how in hell people live with music players that have itsy bitsy tiny storage capacities that can only store a couple of albums. Unless they’re all heavily compressed and take up small file sizes, to which I would say: “by the Gods, why would you do that?!” Have a somewhat related blog post lined up for the future.


I’m currently in NYP taking up Multimedia & InfoComm Technology, which is strangely enough, under the School of Engineering. I’ll expand on the reasons why below but before that, I have to draw comparisons to NP’s Film, Sound & Video, my former school and course.

I continue to live in the shadow of regret over the incidents surrounding my departure from the latter, but I’ve learned to give it ye olde finger and kick it down a dark pit à la King Leonidas 300-style. Self-pity isn’t very productive nor awesome.

First and foremost, the most notable difference would be the campus itself. There isn’t much to be said between taking an hour long bus ride at 6:15AM and a twenty-minutes one at 7:20AM. Needless to say, waking up isn’t an inhumane chore worthy of an online petition anymore. I feel for my peers who have to, however: it gets exhausting a couple of months in.

There’s also the size of the campus itself. The different schools and blocks in NYP are all linked and is essentially like a mall, compared to the massive compound at NP. The one caveat to the reduced walking distance is the library. Oh how I miss NP’s library. Five whole glorious levels, all the multimedia stations and the cemetary-quiet study corners. NYP has its equivalents but squeezed into two floors with lesser numbers of each feature. I just checked the page over at NP and THEY HAVE A BOARD GAMES ZONE. You can have Settlers of Catan, RISK, Monopoly, Dust Tactics or card games like Munchkin but with a big flat table? You can have tabletop wargaming too! BOARD GAMES ZONE YEAH!

Then there is the whole campus upgrading thing. NP was getting its sports field and stuff when I was there whereas now, NYP is in the midst of a couple of new blocks and facilities, including more eateries and recreational areas like a karaoke lounge and a LAN-gaming room. Screw that, give us a movie theatre or a BOARD GAMES ZONE.

I'll stop doing that now.


As for the course itself… DMIT happened to be one of my choices. I was looking at NYP’s options and while there were a couple of more appealing ones along the lines of “digital”, “visual” and “effects”, I knew for certain that getting into them from where I was standing would be such an uphill task it’d be like scaling a vertical wall coated in jelly. There is Digital Media Design too, of which friends have graduated from, but it would be similarly difficult.

So I settled on DMIT. I have had my fair share of digital media dabblings and decided that it would be in my interests to learn some programming and networking as well. The end-goal would be seeing which of these areas I would be most competent in to pursue something to do with video-games. Failing that there’s a bunch of other fields I could fall back on. There’s the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” but given the number of independent start-ups and my ceaseless interest in little fan projects and the sort, I figure I’d come into my own one day.

Or I get involved in a traffic accident and become another headline and statistic, sung to the tunes of “too young” and “before his time”. Life’s unpredictable and death is just nature’s course (no we are not a part of some grand plan, stop it. Unless it involves space aliens or demon zombies or… something cool like that. I’m up for that.)


How has the first week turned out so far? Nothing beyond the usual. I skipped out on orientation since I found it unnecessarily long and had other matters to attend to that day so I was a little concerned about not knowing anybody aside from Year 3 seniors and getting so hopelessly lost I’d wind up in Timbuktu on horseback with the One ring.  Week 1 managed to allay most of that so it’s just a matter of keeping up with the curriculum now. Maths has been a welcome challenge, coding seems not too bad for now and I’m eager to meet Adobe Flash again after years of separation (Photoshop and me are tight, bro).

Speaking of which, now that I’m a student again, I’m eligible for the student prices of Adobe products! There’s no discounts for the production suite, which makes me a very sad poor man. Shall roll with the Design suite for PS and Illustrator but whoa hey now, hold on! Isn’t CS6 releasing soon? I think I’ll hold on til Year 2 for that. Might be able to go hand-in-hand with my procuring of fabled-new-PC too, but I need to start working part-time for that to happen. As it stands, I’m at home on a weekend typing this out. Hmm.

Will see what new things Week 2 brings. Assignments and real work most probably.  I’ll be back to updating this regularly but not daily of course. New blog? Something went wrong with the coding when I did an oopsie somewhere, so… when it’s ready, haha.

Shall be off to set up Eclipse and do my simple java revision. Diablo III open beta weekend I know, but I heard the servers were down for maintenance earlier. Think I’ll just wait for the Starter Edition before deciding on whether to get this. I really want to since I adore the first two games–

“Ahh… fresh meat.” – Scary-ass butcher

“Stop! The beast contained herein shall not be set free, not even by you!” – Bad-ass archangel of justice

–but there have been a few elements added to the game that has made me… wary. But holy crap the first two games have epic settings and memories. Sigh. There’s the Humble Botanicula Bundle anyway. Botanicula looks and sounds gorgeous. And you know that absolutely delicious pre-rendered trailer for Dishonored? I’ve been keeping track of it since I heard it back in late January; concept sounds really sweet. Can’t wait for it. But here have some Torchlight II instead! Because ferret with goggles.


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