Skin crawling, duty calls

For one of my “filler modules”, what I dub those that aren’t core subjects, I’m required to come up with a “Self-Esteem Booster Kit” for a fictional 17-year old girl facing some problems. Rich, coming from me.

I’m far more interested in the kit-making aspect of this project. It’s due coming Monday so it’ll do great for my deadline stretching habit (read: procrastination). Of utmost interest, time permitting, I’d like to do this little DVD to complemet the kit.
Might be overdoing this shit, but I think I’m overcompensating for my past experience, hah.
So I was playing Modern Warfare 3 a bit just to “catch up” on the campaign. Nothing worth catching up on so far. There are a few awesome moments in the game, but overall it just feels like a big Hollywood summer blockbuster — the sort of things I normally avoid. I had the naive hope that maybe, just maybe they could recapture what was good about the Call of Duty games in the first place. If you’re wondering, I refer to Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1. The rest do not exist to me and MW3 looks set to join them.
Ironically, Linkin Park’s first album got rotated into my playlist after I stopped playing the game.
Linkin Park… Call of Duty… see the link? Yeah?
 I miss when they were both good.
Other than that I’m not playing any games currently and thus have nothing new to post under gaming aside from the one later this week! I have a bunch of other typey-typey things to… type about at least.

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