Club Roulette

Astronomy Club
Photography Club
Live Audio
Japanese Cultural Club

What should I join? Should I even join any? The 6-9pm timeslot usually reserved for club activities I find extremely off-putting. No pony or 40K group too. I am disappoint.

It’s… astronomy. I don’t really know more than the average person and I’ve always put off the idea of joining such groups because our little city-state has very high levels of light pollution. Sure you get to see a couple of stars and perhaps even Orion’s belt. Other than that you’re better off heading overseas for a much better experience. Given how I have a million and one things to buy, travelling isn’t much of an option.

Feels really awkward joining one when you don’t have a DSLR. Yeah I’ve got a prosumer and a film rangefinder (yes I still need to go develop) but I get the feeling it’s much more digitally-oriented round here. Of course I’d be better off joining the local rangefinder group and get to surround myself with like-minded people and equipment — Leica, Bessa, Ricoh and the like. Not to mention all those lovely, sharp glass that could buy several of my long-fabled-PCs! Or when one of them brings their medium-format Hasselblads… tears of joy! Once you look at an A4 print taken by MF film camera… nothing else can compare.

Live Audio
The group has no page to speak of for me to peruse. Must be busy doing audio stuff of course, but not even a FB group? Joing would be useful for me to get hands-on experience on the sort of gear I won’t have acces to; unfortunately I only recall the basics of the hardware.

Japanese Cultural Club
My interest in Japanese culture hasn’t waned: just because I stop watching anime doesn’t mean I’ve tossed it aside. I still and will continue to have a collection of Japanese artistes in my iTunes library! Just… in all honesty… not too sure about the members.

Well I’ll be visiting the booths tomorrow after classes. I’m hoping it’ll be less crowded and far less hotter but fat chance of that coming to pass.

All concerns for later. Right now, it’s either a steaming hot cup of coffee or the really inviting bed.



5 thoughts on “Club Roulette

    • I would if they weren’t a religious group. And nah, appealing but the cultural club is unrelated to my purpose in poly. Shall not join anything and relish being at home at night, lol.

      • One of my friends joined to get a gf, but she was a bit intense about the Christ passion, when I met her. Yeah, at night with free time for NS related stuff.

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