Remember that self-esteem booster kit I had to do for an assignment? Well, it’s a good thing I kept the box sealed with a ribbon during submission today. I wouldn’t want the contents displayed to the class because very obviously I worked way too much on this. Don’t blame me for being a workaholic! I enjoyed every second of making it and you know how displacement activities work. Only wish I had a budget to work with — very amateurish in some aspects as it is.

I should probably get myself laptop screen and keyboard covers if I’m going to be using it in the canteens every now and then. I get a random niggly feeling of buying a laptop after I graduate but I atrribute that to “Ooo shiny! Post new-hardware syndrome” and the fact that it has better hardware than I do on my desktop. That should change next year… if I find a job! Dammit. I’ve been checking and there’s nothing long-term and reasonable aside from retail or F&B, both of which I have very little desire of joining again.


I shall go finish up preparing the content for tomorrow’s post before working on assignments or doing math revision. We covered Set Theory today, something that was covered in E Mathematics, so the lecturer said. Problem is, my E Maths syllabus is nearly a decade old and had diddly squat to do with set theory. Universe set? Subsets? Unions and intersects? I’ve got a beginner’s grasp of them now but any shred of confidence I’ve had over the first two weeks with number systems were shredded in the 30-minute opening salvo of the set theory introduction.

Aside from that, still having quite a blast. I’ve never felt so productive in the past few years. That, getting a move on with life and slowly climbing the ladder to end-goal should make for an enjoyable time in the coming months.


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