Sweaty, bouncing… battlefields | DoA 5

I’ve never been much of a fighting-game person. The closest and longest experience I’ve ever had with the genre was with Tekken III and Marvel vs Capcom on the console, in the comfort of my own home. I reached a decent technical point with Tekken, where the chances of having my ass handed to me in a “real” (vs human) match wasn’t at the “all-the-time” percentage.

In recent years, I did play Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 a lot and undoubtedly had tonnes of fun with it but again, it didn’t leave a lasting impression. Despite providing a few good stories to recollect on with friends, it felt pretty much empty. So yeah, while I will play a fighting game, I won’t go out of my way to go about acquiring one.

One series that has garnered an interest has been Dead or Alive. Since I do not own an XBox, my brief, blundering stints with it can be all traced back to various friends’ houses. Aside from it being a technical competitor to Tekken (in my rookie opinion) with awesome background settings, there’s also the sexual identity that comes with it, no thanks to it’s volleyball-dating-photoshoot-sim spin-offs and their (in)famous “boob physics” — if boobs were actually hydrogen-filled balloons.

Trust Team Ninja to up the ante with their next love-child, Dead or Alive 5. They recently announced an update to the “boobysics” as well as the introduction of clothing transparency — which some of us suspect can be affected by perspiration due to this picture:

I am equal parts amused at the idea, turned on by the idea, and also a little embarassed for the gaming community at large. If I were to try and make a face representative of how I felt, I would no doubt be listed as both a criminal and a pervert lunatic.

Unfortunately there aren’t any new videos showing off this new feature. What they did release, however, is this video that reminds me of Metal Gear: Call of Battlefield – RE5. Seriously, how many warzones have been in video games this past decade alone?


5 thoughts on “Sweaty, bouncing… battlefields | DoA 5

  1. DOA5 DOA5 DOA5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flailing*
    No mater how crappy their boobs move, I’m always gonna be a fan haha!

    Would like to let you know the Kasumi figurine you bought for me a long time ago for my bday would be put to good use this year! Planning smth :X OHHOHO.

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