Comfortable Thursday

The moment I got home and took a seat at the computer, ready to bash my fists on the keyboard… I found myself completely enveloped by a need to take an afternoon nap. I should probably bring my laptop to school and do some work at the library or somewhere quiet instead but I don’t really like loitering in school and besides, I rather listen to music or interviews/podcasts at home.

So, instead of closing this tab I shall simply leave you with screencaps I’ve taken since quite some time back. As you can see, nothing much.

A little insight the next time you buy music.


Secret Butt Fun

Nominations for Leo Awards 2012, huzzah!

Thumbnails all squashed there. You’ll have to click on them to get any sort of legibility anyway so no biggie. Right — I shall lie on the bed for an hour then down coffee before getting to work. Perhaps I’ll get to typing out a proper entry like I intended to half an hour ago.

EDIT: No wonder I feel so tired and groggy today. I picked up a fever. Flippin’ hay, I have tests next week…


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