Justice League… Assemble!

It’s the second weekend since the local theatrical release of Marvel’s The Avengers so I’m pretty certain that 95% of the Internet population has already watched it. If you’re part of the 5%, then I applaud your rebellious nature and raise you a Jolly Roger.

(Omigod TB just wore a Diamond Sword followed by a Blood Eagle mask from Tribes Ascend on the latest TGS Podcast. I WANT THEM! I WANT THEM!!)

This may have actually been the first movie of 2012 I’ve watched in the theatre. I’ve grown to become very particular of what I willingly spend to watch at the cinema so when I do, it better be good. After all, watching movies on a large screen with that beautiful, oh-so-beautiful THX-surround is obviously far better than doing so from home. Although I must say it would take a lot for a movie to get me to watch it twice within a short time-frame and unfortunately, The Avengers didn’t do it for me. I’ve heard of people watching it like five times — within a day or two.

I’m really pleased that a friend’s comment nailed the experience pretty closely: it’s like watching a comic book. I am further pleased at this global geek-takeover. First it was science-fiction, then fantasy, and now comic superheroes. Go ahead, laugh at us nerds!

If you haven’t already figured out from the post title, I want a Justice League version. Ever since immersing myself in both IPs, I’ve far preferred DC’s superheroes. I remember reading a mini-series where there was a universe-crossover where The Avengers and The Justice League had to co-operate to save both their worlds.

Speaking of world-saving, Thanos was in The Avenger’s credits! I was first introduced to Thanos via Silver Surfer, whose outer-space, celestial antics make Spider-Man, Avengers and co. seem like regular humans (with exception of Thor I suppose, who acted more like the son of Odin than he did in the Thor movie.) Avengers 2 seems like it’s gonna be on a whole new-scale then, unless they pull a cloud-Galactus like they did in that Fantastic Four + Silver Surfer movie.

Far more excited for Dark Knight Rises. How excited? I’m gonna book tickets the moment booking is made available. Why? Because goddamn Batman. I’ll need to find a +1 but it shouldn’t be too hard.

DC, please do yourselves a favour and make good movies. You screwed up Green Lantern very badly but you can still redeem yourselves! And because I really want it to happen, I will actually make this short to reiterate my proposal: Justice League movie!

P.S. Since lots of people liked The Hulk, here’s a reminder that he isn’t always comedic relief. This is from World War Hulk, when he returns to Earth after his long exile for being too dangerous. He’s also pissed at other things, which a quick Wiki will update you on. You’ll also get to see Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit, which is pretty damn famous. Ah, tragedy. (The zoom and pan is a little overdone.)


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