A Gift from Olympia

I’ve recently grown tired of air freshener gels, aerosols and automated sprays so I made a trip down to IKEA to buy myself a scented candle. Looking back, it sounds incredibly stupid that I went all the way just to get one sodding candle, but I convince myself that it was a highly productive journey where I’ve gathered exceedingly useful data regarding tables. That data can be easily summed up as: “IKEA has no bloody folding tables–IT REALLY WAS A WASTE OF TIME”.

Despair! As I contemplated penning a grand three-act epic of Man’s false hopes and lost table designs, my bag slumped onto the floor with a weighty thud. Now this was no ordinary thud. Most thuds were of a brisk, light and — one might even say — playful nature. Not this one, no ma’am. This thud felt like a deep resounding boom. It had purpose. It rang of destiny.

…fine, it didn’t, but it did tell me something was in the bag and when I opened to investigate: hark! The one scented candle I had purchased mere hours earlier stared proudly back up at me, promising me more than any stupid folding table ever could. It smelled like the greenest of apples and whispered the softest of whispers. Paralyzingly sensous, second only to aparticularChinesegirlwithbeautifuleyes, even angels would have fallen to their knees and wept in it’s presence. “Light me”, it said. “Light me and I will show you a world beyond imagining.”.

What else could I do? Heart pouding, I ripped off it’s top and lighted the candle.

Silly photo taken with a mobile.

And thus I gave fire to the candle, much like how fire was given to Man by Prometheus, the Greek god of old. Prometheus, which also happens to be the name of the movie debuting in local theatres this coming Wednesday! Aha! See what I did there? Pretty clever huh, with fire and Prometheus and all that? Eh? Eh?

…yeah okay.

Seriously cannnot wait. I love Ridley Scott’s films despite his hit and miss career, but those hits oh my Mt. Olympus! Alien! Blade Runner! Gladiator! Tell me you plan to watch any of those movies–or even all three in sequence!–and I will gladly skitter over to join in like some unholy wraith chasing a helpless schoolgirl in Fatal Frame.

I do admit that I’m hoping this will nail the suspense and horror like it did in Alien. Naturally, it may be disappointing and that I may be giving it way too much anticipatory hype instead but hell that’s what hope is all about. If it turns out to be everything I hoped it would NOT be, then I may very well just go on to pen that three-act epic on Man’s false hopes.

Apologies for the lack of entry last weekend. My throat infection relapsed and threw me for a good ill ride. It’s improved but now my nose has decided to leak like a faulty air-conditioner above an incontinent child. Whatevs. Dodger winning King of the Web (or should that be Queen of the web? Yay Dodger! :D), Pikachu outfits and E3 2012 being next week has made things considerably better. On top of the fact that the weekends have decided to visit where I live.

I’ll be developing my mentioned overdue roll of film next week so some photos will be coming soon, if it turns out satisfactory. I could just upload them, declare it as ‘art’ then bemoan how my creative genius goes unseen and unknown by the masses, but I think I’ve indulged in enough literary drama for some time (good money is on two posts before drama returns). Also, I do have a post lined up for DayZ, the one game that has kicked every other game in my backlog out the door and flip them a rude gesture. Yes, even Diablo III. Look out for that one.

Until then, I’ll be slowly letting mucus run down the back of my throat and obeying the candle’s commands.


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