I went to watch the sneaks of Prometheus on Wednesday night right after classes. Can’t say it exceeded my expectations, but I’m happy with it! Ridley Scott definitely nailed the horror atmosphere in that scene — those of you who have watched it would definitely know which one I’m referring to, hah! The plot holes, unanswered questions and ending left me fairly bothered, however. I absolutely disliked LOST after several episodes so maybe that’s related here. (I get the feeling that the World War Z movie adaptation, which is based on the the best book there is on a plausible, global zombie outbreak scenario, is going to somehow suck. I hope it turns out well of course but expectations have been lowered, sigh.)

I might watch it again. Gotta make use of my student-price eligibility, haha. Now comes the month-long wait to the final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy; it’s been very quiet in the weeks leading up to release. I’ve kind of lost touch with movie marketing as I delve ever deeper into the video games side of things, so maybe keeping a low profile is actually a thing. Hmm.

Short post for now since I’m still undecided about how I want to present my DayZ post. I leave with you the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, which is about video-games (characters, to be more exact) and looks set to do a way better job than those horrible adaptations I cannot unsee. Well with the exception of Mortal Kombat, that was win sauce.


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