Nothing of interest.

It’s strange, really, how you manage to influence my dreams when I’m highly distressed. My dreams are usually vivid and I’ve been having an unpleasant streak lately. Today’s one involve me being hunted, wounded and dying on multiple occasions. I have no idea what dying feels like, obviously, but I do know terror and physical pain, so there’s lots of that amid wonder (the creatures, humanoid and otherwise, are visually amazing) and some degree of excitement (adventure!). During one particular sequence I had to make my way through a school-cum-mall-cum-facility as I was running from something. I “died” in the dream attempting the very same thing previously — from claws or something, can’t really remember — and I had the feeling I was about to “die” again when out of nowhere I see your name on the side of an escalator. Of all things.

I heard your voice, lovely as always, off in the distance. Naturally, with things hot on my heels and with no real direction, I followed it. I made it out safely and the dreams eased off into calmer, less vivid scenarios, usually involving you.

This isn’t the first time and I’ll always remember that fact because when I wake, I’m pretty much a wreck, haha. Although to be honest you’re like a background presence in my head, always there but not at the forefront (usually) because I try to keep myself busy in some form or another. Then there’s that eternal, internal conflict between logic and emotion; one side screaming “no it’s too late, too much has changed over the years, it wouldn’t work then and it sure as hell won’t know, you’ve fallen way behind in life, it’s one-sided, it’ll all end in tears for everyone!” and the other stubbornly not giving up and holding onto some insane hope.

Sigh. I don’t know. I’m not here to detail the mad carnival that is my head, so I’ll just shut up now, get back to my work and wonder about my other assignments and tests. Maybe I’ll post up a gameplay video later if it’s interesting enough. Hmm.

And I’ve always wanted a dreamcatcher, they intrigue me so.

Have some French house if anyone actually wasted time reading this.
“Then why publish this post in the first place?!”


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