Securing Objective

I’m going to be start using post header images to visually categorise my posts, so it’ll be easier to immediately identify whether the content would be of any interest to any one reader.

Something caught my attention lately and I’ve been busy working at it. The first go failed quite miserably because of the materials involved, but I’m not going to back down until I achieve what I want. It better be done tomorrow because I have assignments I should be doing instead…

Here, have a video to pass off as content for now. I didn’t add in any of the effects so it’s really very… plain. I’ll revisit it in the future as and when motivation for it strikes again. Although when it does I’ll want to recapture the footage with better hardware, so that means an entirely new video. Hmm. Blah we’ll see. Back to my current project and the BronyCon 2012 livestream.


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