Sparing a moment from online researching to put in some quick thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises.
[Edit: Spoiler-free because I don’t end up saying a lot haha.]

I’m going to watch it again. Yes it has it’s flaws both narrative and otherwise but all in all, it’s a great movie. I love how the The Dark Knight trilogy always goes out of its way to show that Bruce isn’t a superhero — he’s human. It’s why I like Iron Man too with his alcoholism.

Best part of the movie?

Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) on the Batpod of course!


In seriousness though, definitely worth a second watch, even if I didn’t have to leave midway through to pee. I love second viewings because it gives you the opportunity to be far more analytical other than picking up things you missed the first time round. I wanna say more but since it’s first day release I don’t want to spoil anything. Back to dinner and work!


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