Over Coffee

Wish I had a butler who would enjoy coffee and tea as much as I do.

Time for something a little personal. I still don’t have any intentions for Mayoyaki to be anything other than a blog, considering how I only update this on occasion. I’m no longer under the delusion of updating this every week, and will be spending most of my writing time on the pet project my friend and I have in mind once we launch it. Seeing how I have some time on hand, figured I might as well put up a post while I can.

“Finding Home”
Zack Hemsey
Finding Home (2012)

Ah, Zack Hemsey. I don’t usually pay much attention to music with lyrics — with exception to the amazing MLP pieces, of course — but when I do, it’s usually a song produced by this man. Like a lot of his newer followers, I first discovered him with “Mind Heist”, used in the Inception movie trailers. Exploring his discography I came across some really strong songs and have made a point to purchase his albums when a new one releases, or as soon as I can.

(Honestly, Bandcamp is an awesome platform for musicians. One of the few digital distribution services that allows you to preview in good quality and download in the glory known to humanity as FLAC. 100% of the music I’ve bought lately has been from there.)

Finding Home is his latest album and I’m fond of both the title track as well as the instrumental of “Finding Home (Farewell Version)”. I love the build-up and the lyrics, more-so the decision in using female vocals for the chorus. It’s not my favourite track, however; you’ll get to listen to that in a future post.


With the end of the first semester nearing, I spent a great deal of time looking back on how these weeks flashed by.

Resuming school was, on a symbolic level, the continuation of my life. It still feels as if everything ended in 2007 and the regret is a weighty, daily reminder that:

  1. the world isn’t going to wait for you to deal with your shit; and
  2. every decision you make while clouded in depression is a fucking stupid decision.

They say life itself is a learning experience but when some of those lessons have been so very costly, you can’t help but feel so very small.

But I kept my goal in mind. I’d been waiting for this moment so here I am: I tackle assignments with a tad too much dedication, to compensate for what I had lost. In doing so I discovered a simple joy to be had in programming. It boils down to the fact that you create something out of it, that your end product results in something that you can easily point to and say, “I made that.” It’s something I enjoy immensely, alongside ‘stories’ and ‘experiences’.

Unfortunately, that’s hard to do when you’re a cog in the corporate or business machine. I’d go so far as to calling them ‘soulless’ but I’d rather not insult what people may enjoy or the fact that bills need to be paid and food brought to the table. It’s just a calling without my name on the list.

I sorely wish more time was spent on programming and multimedia, not the filler modules polytechnics are forced to squeeze in. I’m alright with working around a database but it feels slightly dry and mechanical. I’ll have to see what the next semester brings.

My biggest regret hasn’t anything to do with school but I’ll keep that to myself and perhaps the other party. Apparently I seem to be good at not telling people my problems since I was an annoying two-year old, hah.

Also: Tom Hardy’s Bane is bloody brilliant. Watched the movie twice already and still find myself struggling to not go the third time. Nothing quite like good villainy. And those arms, goddamn.

And you know… Catwoman. Love her subtle goggles-cat-ears. And that suit of course, haha!



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