Take Five

I miss you. There’s yet to be a day that hasn’t passed without you sneaking into the mad realm that houses my mind, but it feels as if the years apart have left us with nothing much in common to talk about. Which is what “years apart” would do, yes. but that’s not the point. I honestly wish I knew what to do or say, now that everything else seems to be falling smoothly into place. Cue dramatic sigh and sympathetic live audience. Low, engorged moon and the slow rustle of leaves, perhaps.

Plaintive wailing aside, Miracle of Sound has a new song, which you may expose your pretty little ears to:

“A graveyard to explore: HA HA DENIED!”

Hahaha that line always cracks me up. I have a fond love/hate memory for Dark Souls, a game which easily earned its notoriety for the punishing difficulty and abundance of “You Died” screens. For those craving a good challenge, something that’s been absent in many games of recent years, it was a welcome change. A welcome change that lopped your head off and laughed about it.

I’ve had a long day, not including the fact that I sat for one of my exam papers — it went alright I suppose. Dreading Maths on Monday but that’s a concern I’ll save for <em>after</em> I wake up. Simply listening to some good music, enjoying my cold bottle of cider and waiting for 4AM so I can send my buddy Sean off at the ole’ airport. The man’s off to chase his aviation dreams and I’m damn glad about it. Can’t wait for him to fly us so I get to screw around in the cockpit and endanger all our lives, haha! (But no I really want to go skydiving.)

In other news, I’m having a blast doing all these games-related stuff. I still hate how I write my reviews but I’m working on it. I need to write more and honestly, other than this silly blog I don’t get all that much practice aside from the long monologues I have with myself. (No, I’m kidding. I’m not that mental.) Had our first playtest today for a very, very early build and we received a bunch of really useful feedback for us to improve upon. Tackled a few of them couple of hours earlier and will do so sporadically over the next few days until the next playtest. Can’t wait for it!

I also can’t wait to see what our lead artist comes up with. There’s a bunch of lore to write as well, which will be a great keyboard bashing test for me too, considering how I have to try and get the same world vision as the lead designer.

Took me by surprise when Daryl said he wouldn’t mind helping out with the art,¬†considering how he’s probably swamped with work and is going to receive commissions/work from proper studios over in the US of A. Shall just bother him once we’ve got a full public beta out and about, haha.

Okay it’s almost 4AM. I better go dress up. Away!

The post script: There’s a headphone sale going on and the model with the best cost-performance upgrade I can make is on sale. I think it’ll still be cheaper with the shipping than getting it in Singapore. What do?


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