Metal Gear returns to Ground Zeroes

25 years of Metal Gear. Wow. I’m almost as old as the franchise itself, along with a bunch of other notable games — such as Final Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 —  which I’m sure you’d have a fun time reading up on. While I don’t share Snake’s illustrious resume of defeating hulking, usually bipedal machines of war, I can proudly say that I’ve been happily following this amazing journey and man, what a ride.

I was worried that the last entry to the series would be a hack-and-slash action game that had little to do with the themes and atmosphere of MGS. Revengeance will be a fun title but there was always this nagging feeling that it just wasn’t the same.

It was a silly concern to harbour, of course. Konami wouldn’t want one of its best-selling titles to simply cease and Kojima Productions were busy toiling away at their new FOX Engine. Come the MGS 25th Annniversary Party, a flurry of news was unleashed, settling rumours and creating waves. Click on the link to read my unpublished post on it.

There’s no doubt: the biggest highlight was Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, with the movie coming in at a very close second. Finally, here’s our chance at getting a look for ourselves:

(via KONAMIi573ch)

(via RajmanGamingHD)

Kojima also had a panel at PAX Prime 2012, where he talks at length about Metal Gear as well as his new game. Watch it here at GameSpot.

I’m glad they’re going multiplatform. If they’re doing it right, then development should be happening on a PC and then ported and optimised for the console versions. Naturally, no news to expect when this will release but in my experience, once it does it’ll be worth the wait.

Now, to fantasise replaying Snake Eater.


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