PSA: Banished ‘til the 24th

Update: Disregard from 16th September.

Greetings my imaginary legion of Mayonites, fare thee well? For those of you still not in the know, I currently do not have access to the delicious web of the Internetz and thus, am unable to post anything up for the next two weeks. Ah yes, I already see the question forming in your mind! Shhh, curious Mayonite, shhh… all in good time.

The nice thing about having no connection is that there aren’t any distractions, leaving me to churn out lots of fictional writing: lore for our boardgame as well as short-stories for a multi-author effort. It’s a lot like those one-word stories played during classes when we were all bored out of our minds. (But kids have tablets and smartphones now.) Are they any good? Hell if I know. I just sit my ass down after lunch, get absorbed into those worlds and type away; next thing I know, I need to turn on the room lights and probably go eat dinner.

That also means I haven’t actually played a video game for a very, very long time. The last I did was before STGCC and then it’s been nothing but personal projects. It doesn’t help that I can’t connect to Steam either, but I did manage to leech my friend’s Wi-Fi to download one untouched game from my library. That honor goes to Duke Nukem: Forever, so you’ll be hearing about it once I’m back online. I honestly have no idea why I picked Duke but it doesn’t really matter; I’d need to play it sooner or later anyway.

Alright, why don’t I have an internet connection? Well… I just signed up for fibre broadband and unfortunately the service person is only coming down on the 24th for installation. Lack of foresight on my part, especially since tonnes of people would be signing up during COMEX 2012 as well. My biggest concern, however, is whether I’d be able to place the router in my room, like it is now. A contractor came by to extend the cable the last time and now I’m worried I’d have to do the same for the fibre cable. This basically means money that I don’t have to spare, being a jobless student.

I refuse to accept anything but a wired connection! Unacceptable! 3hrs Dungeon!
/Earl of Lemongrab

I’d happily use my tethered mobile broadband in the meantime, but I probably have less than 100MB left on my 12GB plan by now…

So that’s that. Carry on. Back on the 24th, be on your way.
[Exit stage left.]

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