Headphones On: Everything’s Alright

I’ve always wondered why I don’t have To The Moon’s soundtrack whenever I came across mention of the game. It features Laura Shigihara too, who not only has a nice voice but is actually a professional composer for video games as well. You might know her work for Plants vs. Zombies. (Laura, you haven’t updated in months! Sadface.)

Anyway, a quick Google search today brought me to freebirdgames’s BandCamp, and after listening to a couple of tracks, I parted with my e-money as fast as the webpage could load. If you like what you hear in the following video then go and listen to the others!

If you’re actually interested in getting the game as well, then Steam has a bundle for the game and the soundtrack for just USD$12.99. To The Moon is a highly acclaimed indie adventure game, one that many tears have been shed for. I highly recommend you check out To The Moon’s trailer for yourself.

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