Introverted Game Of Thrones Tablets

Fo’ reals, y’all: A simple explanation of how to interact with introverts


Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones.


I haven’t started watching the latest season because (a) I do not have HBO GO as the idiots aren’t letting us subscribe to it, and (b) I have no desire to continue pirating anything. Naturally, the hardest part about this isn’t the not-watching, but the fact that I have to actively avoid current discussions.

What the fuck was the Red Wedding all about?!

That’s okay though, since I seldom have time to watch anything these days. When I do find the time, I tend to go for the documentaries instead. The most recent dealt with prostitution in some of the less developed countries while the one before that gave a deeper look at marijuana. Both aren’t new topics to me but did prove informative enough.

It’ll be nice to have more time to watch these documentaries, but my current lfiestyle doesn’t clearly define when free time is or should be. When I don’t have that clear distinction, I find myself trying to do something for… almost all the time  Hell, I’m listening to an interview while I’m typing this right now.

Clearly this is a problem, so I’ll start assigning some free time to myself. Probably Sunday evening onwards. Shall see how that works out.


I just received a press release for Atmel’s new capacitive touchscreen controller. I’m by no means savvy enough to deconstruct the new tech behind it but from what I’m seeing, touchscreens on ultrabooks are going to be a whole lot more common (well with Windows 8 around, duh). Stylus support, better energy consumption and less noise interference? Ho boy, tablets are going to enjoy the fun too.

Lately I’ve been wondering if I should pick up a tablet or an ultrabook before I graduate. I’ve no illusions about using them for anything other than word processing, messing around with apps and reading digital magazines. The natural choice here would be to stick with Apple and their sexy form factor but by the holy cogs of the Omnissiah do I hate their closed policy. Fact that all the “cool kids” are using it too isn’t exactly giving it plus points. Yes, I’m hipster or something, but I’ve always preferred Windows since the days of colourful iMacs. But now that Microsoft’s trying to do the same with Windows 8…

But that’s a concern for another time. I’ve got shit to pay and a PC to buy in a few months time and, quite possibly, a part-time job to find amongst all that.


(Header: Laughing Between Takes – Imgur)

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