Ninja Stole My Heart

achievementsThe last time I obsessively happily completed every single achievement in a game was back in 2007 for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Of course that was back before MGS4 even had achievements but I figure that getting all the emblems pretty much counts. Clearing Big Boss Extreme difficulty without any alerts or kills under 5 hours was a journey wrought in frustration yet exceedingly rewarding. Doing the equivalent for Mark of the Ninja has been just as exciting.

My next stealth game on the list is Dishonored (American English spelling really does bug me), when I get round to buying it anyway. I could play Hitman: Absolution but from looking at all the gameplay videos, I don’t think I’ll quite enjoy it as I did previous installments. I’ve got mixed feelings for the upcoming Thief as well – mixed as in slight-chest-pains-and-a-blanket-of-sad-feelings – but I hope that bumping the difficulty up would be some sort of saving grace.

I can’t wait to pick up a PlayStation 4! I’ve definitely moved on to PC as my platform of choice but one series has been the reason why I’ve owned every Sony home console thus far: Metal Gear Solid (and no, Revengeance doesn’t really count to me). From the look of things, Mr. Kojima isn’t going to disappoint for the next one!



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