Grin Beam

That moment when you miss your bicycle and feel like buying another, but know that a $100 bike will never compare to a $400 bike, and the regret you feel is only doubled.

That moment when you rush to the toilet, take a seat and notice you’re taking a dump and pissing at the same time and realize its one of those types of diarrhea.

That moment every morning when you smell something being fried in the kitchen and you swing over to rescue your clothes from soaking up the smell of oil, usually too late.

That moment when the only school to have given you an admissions reply so far is for a course you have little interest in.

That moment when you wake up from another dream and realise it had her in it. Again.

That moment when the phlegm you’re expelling is so thick, it gets stuck on its way out of your nostril — and you can actually pull it out and feel it being removed.

That moment when you want to meet up with fellow North Bronies in Bishan but feel insecure.

That moment when you realise you’re writing another filler and missed your scheduled antibiotics intake by over an hour.

Please cheer me up, Pinkie Pie! I’m not sure if this, Winter Wrap-Up or May The Best Pet Win is my favourite song now.