Doreen’s clarinet and New Orleans Jazz

So I’ve been sneaking in moments to mull about the new blog and how best to run the damn thing. Still keeping it a surprise, of course, but it’ll probably go live together with a bunch of other stuff in one fell swoop, in a way reviving my online presence in its entirety. I won’t be doing it too soon as I like to give my full attention to actually graduating and getting this paper chase over with, though I’m not missing social media in the slightest to be honest. I’ll see what to do about that when the time comes, as it has to fit in my schedule.


Quick update aside, let me share a new discovery I made in the world of music. It all began with this video:

This is one of the few genres I can truly groove to (brass instruments are bloody sexy), so once I got started it only made sense to find more. Long story short I found myself on YouTube and wound up listening to some New Orleans jazz — Doreen’s Jazz, to be exact, and man does she tear up that clarinet!

This is the shortest video so far but don’t let that fool you. Stick around for the whole thing, especially past the 2:25 mark!

Her other street performances are just as good. It’s a shame some of the audio quality on those videos are painfully lacking but they’re a joy regardless. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I wanted to visit New Orleans even more now.

She has a website ( you can purchase CDs from too. What needs to happen now are official YouTube, Patreon and Bandcamp pages. Get the whole package set up and that well-deserved cash will start marching in too!